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Cleaning Furnace for Riser Tubes Electrically Heated

SRO 170/1000/11 Furnace SRO 170/1000/11 with suspended pipe

To be pulled with crane eye for riser tubes with flange

SRO 170/1000/11

Riser tubes for low-pressure melting furnaces must be cleaned in regular intervals. To remove deposits the pipe must be removed from the furnace and heated. In comparison to applying an open flame to heat the pipe, the SRO 170/1000/11 furnace offers the advantages of very uniform tube heating. The quality of the heat treatment is clearly better and the life-time of the risers can be extended when cleaned regularly. The heated rising tube can be removed from the furnace hot and returned to the low-pressure melting furnace.

The furnace is charged from above using a crane provided by the customer. Located in the lower section of the furnace is a steel catch drawer which is filled with sand or sizing compound. The rising tube hangs in the receptacle with a crane eye and the deposits drip into the drawer. Designed as a drawer, it can be easily pulled out, emptied and filled again.

  • Tmax. 1100 °C
  • Charging opening with collar plate and swing lid on the furnace. Charging of the rising tube using the customer crane
  • Max. dimensions of the rising tube: L: 1000 mm, outer dimension 90 mm with single-side flange with an outer diameter of 115 mm
  • Heated length: 1000 mm
  • Charge receptacle with crane eye for holding smaller risers
  • Steel catch draw, filled by the customer with sand, which collects deposits
  • Steel collector designed as a drawer
  • Furnace on rollers
  • Switchgear and control equipment fastened directly to the furnace

Additional equipment

  • Design for other riser dimesions on request
  • Switchgear on rollers
ModelTmaxOuter dimensions in mmOuter tube-Ø/HeatedHeatingElectrical
 °CWDHmmlength/mmpower in kW1connection
SRO 170/1000/11 1100 590 640 1700 90 1000 12,0 3-phase
1Depending on furnace design connected load might be higher

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