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  IR 500/90 with alternating table system for firing transfer prints

Infrared heating from the top

Glassware to be decorated

Charging trolley for disc coating

IR 500/90 - IR 1000/90

These fast-firing decoring furnaces with infrared heating are especially suitable for decal firing of glass or ceramics at working temperatures up to 900 °C. The furnace is equipped with two manually movable tables on castors for easy handling. Both tables and the furnace chamber are insulated with fiber materials. With the fiber insulation in combination with the infrared heating, which provides for a fast surface heating, the furnace achieves particularly short process cycles.

Depending on the charge type the tables may be charged in several layers what allows for an optimal use of the available space. The charge surface with applied decal should face towards the heating elements which are positioned in the roof. While one charged table is positioned in the furnace the other table can already be charged outside the furnace. If the charge permits, the table with still warm charge can be driven out of the furnace and the other table is pushed into the furnace to use the residual energy.

To vent the exhaust gases generated during decor firing, the furnace is equipped with a motor-driven exhaust gas flap which can be activated via the controls. The stainless steel exhaust hood which is positioned above the motor-driven flap will be connected to customer’s ductwork.

  • Infrared heating elements in the roof with reflectors installed on each table
  • Insulation made of non-classified fiber materials provides for fast process cycles
  • Process times of hardly three hours from cold to cold possible, depending on the charge and the working temperature
  • Alternating table system on castors, very easy to move
  • Motorized exhaust-gas flap on top of the furnace with stainless steel exhaust hood
  • Easy-to-operate controls
ModelTmaxInner dimensions in mmVolumeOuter dimensions in mmConnectedElectricalWeight
 °Cwdhin lWDHload kWconnection*in kg
IR 500/90 900 1600 900 350 500 6000 1400 1300 36 3phase 1100
IR 1000/90 900 3200 900 350 1000 12000 1400 1300 72 3phase 2000
*Please see page 61 for more information about supply voltage

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